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2012-10-21 22:04:34 阅读231 评论5 212012/10 Oct21

“I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they're right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.”

Marilyn Monroe

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Teaching isnt easy

2013-6-16 1:06:13 阅读226 评论0 162013/06 June16

2nd week of teaching. Befriend some students and got 1 complaint. Dun want that dumbass to ruin my weekend. So no story. I should be glad that other kids respect me.

Still have lots to do before I officially get the contract. Wish me luck!

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New Role

2013-5-22 14:49:22 阅读205 评论1 222013/05 May22

I got a new job at the beginning of this month. It'll be another exciting journey as I would be teaching English in the biggest English education company in this country. Honestly, never did I teach before or think I will become a teacher someday. I dun see myself as a good teacher in traditional school (middle schools or universities). BUT, private school like this one is very different. It is profit-oriented. Teachers there are exceptional and hard-working. Everyone is somewhat westernized n different. Noting is more exciting than working with like-minded people. I just feel that's where I belong. I like their working environment, clean, organized n sorta Americanized (Not many offices here

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I quit and this happened...

2013-4-27 23:57:43 阅读183 评论1 272013/04 Apr27

I will submit my resignation letter tomorrow. It's a pity that the company I have been working at for almost 2 years underwent lots of changes and it's basically a sh*thole now. I hate to call it this name coz I used to think it's one of the best. And I dont plan to continue to work as pharma sales anymore.

Then this happened:

NEW YORK (Reuters) - The U.S. government on Friday announced its second civil fraud lawsuit against No*var*tis AG in four days, accusing a unit of the Swiss drugmaker of paying multimillion-dollar kickbacks to doctors in exchange for prescribing its drugs.

Guess it's one of the reasons why I decided to give up and pursue another career. I'm fed up with these things.

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Jobless and Boyless

2013-4-24 13:46:44 阅读164 评论0 242013/04 Apr24

sounds sad, huh?

Yah, I almost lost my job coz nothing went right. I dun wanna work for the "world's 2nd largest" anymore. This week, I've been having interviews with language schools. Yep! I wanna teach English. Never in my plan but I feel I should do things I'm really good at. I'm fed up with the pharma BS. When u read this, pray for me. I really hope I will get the job offer so I can work for this country's largest education company. haha

As for boys, I guess I'm all right being alone for now and I believe there must be someone out there for me.

Have a nice day! :)

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Float On ...

2013-4-17 1:38:41 阅读170 评论1 172013/04 Apr17

Float On by Modest Mouse is one of my fav songs. Still...

Basically nothing goes my way in April so far. I may end up being jobless by the end of this month. I felt very depressed so I flew to HK for a 2-day travel last weekend. Pics are still in my phone. But yeah, 3rd time to HK in 4 months. But HK does give me lots of inspiration. Plus, I'll try to spend more time on this blog bcoz 1. I'm glad some of you still come back once in a while, 2. it's more private than weibo (china twitter). I only let ppl I trust know this blog, no workmate n stuff.


I quit from the Swiss company I have been working with for nearly 2 years coz I dun feel happy anymore. It gets sorta

作者  | 2013-4-17 1:38:41 | 阅读(170) |评论(1) | 阅读全文>>

I'm still here, just been busy

2013-3-28 0:57:33 阅读136 评论5 282013/03 Mar28

I know it's been a while since I last updated. I will come back when I have more time. I need to write about all my trips in 2012, right?

I have been busy translating a book on architecture. Its English version has been released and available on Amazon. Job from a famous architecture office here. So throughout March, my evenings and weekends were dedicated to its translation. I will submit the final draft this weekend. Not sure if they are gonna publish my translation version in China though. But yeah, I know ppl will feel proud of me. hehe

Meanwhile, I'm sending out resumes and attending interviews. My present company is getting messy and nasty. 70% of my former workmates quit.

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[Copy]忘记旧爱三部曲 更快找到MR.RIGHT

2013-2-3 14:43:29 阅读217 评论0 32013/02 Feb3





心中下过无数次这样的决心“在也不能这样下去”,却总是无法放弃。不舍和留恋是人之常情,但若想遇到真爱开花结果,就必须和过去SAY GOODBYE。









作者  | 2013-2-3 14:43:29 | 阅读(217) |评论(0) | 阅读全文>>

A funny work email and a Mask country

2013-2-3 11:30:03 阅读201 评论0 32013/02 Feb3

It's Sunday, yes. But I checked my work mails. Then I found this....

LOL. Yeeeeeep. My company is giving away masks!

I know everywhere is talking about China pollution. Beijing will never be the place I wanna live at and the city I'm in now is luckily free from those toxic particles.

They attached a 4-page word file to demonstrate how to properly wear the N95 mask. haha. They are being serious, huh?

China, is really a funny place.

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Highlights of my HK trip

2013-1-26 4:09:42 阅读234 评论0 262013/01 Jan26

I dunno how many of you are "stalking" my blog on regular basis. (My regular visitors, wanna leave a msg below so I know how many secret readers I have? hehe, or maybe I'm my own reader?) I apologize for delaying things. NO excuses, Im just bad at time management.

It's friday night and it's, yes, 3am China time. I wanna update a lil coz I know I'll be busier from next week on till Chinese new year bcoz of changes at work and my bad performance. I dun wanna let my readers down.

Enuf said about work. Let me brief about my HK trip for now. And I'll write more HK stories later.

This is my 24th hour in HK.

How many of you could believe I got this shot with my iphone? This

作者  | 2013-1-26 4:09:42 | 阅读(234) |评论(0) | 阅读全文>>



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